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System Requirements: 166Mhz Pentium Class
Processor, 64MB of RAM, 5MB Disk Space,
Windows 7, Vista, XP, Me, 98, NT or 2000

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Ron J., Arlington TX

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Phil F., Eugene OR

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Sam S., Huntingdon UK

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Jennifer M., Atlanta GA

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Barrett W., Peoria IL

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Registry Repair Pro - FREE DOWNLOAD

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  • Safe, effective way to clean Registry & improve performance
  • Quickly scans registry for causes of Windows crashes
  • Increases speed and stability of your system
  • Helps repair corrupt files that Anti-Spyware alone can't fix
  • Easy-to-use interface with one-click scanning

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Why Use Registry Repair Pro? Registry Repair Pro uses a proprietary detection algorithm to quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows Registry. These problems can occur for many reasons: missing or corrupt hardware drivers, orphaned startup programs, or abandonment after incorrect removal/uninstallation of software.

Easy to use! A single scan will find all of the invalid and obsolete information that is bloating the Windows Registry causing your system performance to slow down. You can also scan the registry for custom values.

Registry Repair Pro Gets Results! Pathetic PC performance can leave you unproductive and frustrated. Below are some of the key fixes and results you’ll get when using Registry Repair Pro.

Finds and repairs system errorsPrevents computer crashes & blue screens
Removes invalid and corrupt filesIncreases speed and performance
Removes unused & temporary filesFrees up more hard disk space
Eliminates DLL errorsIncreases system memory
Fixes Internet Explorer errorsSpeeds up web browsing

Download Registry Repair Pro Now For 100% Free Scan!

Additional Fixes, Features & Benefits

Windows Installer errors
ActiveX errors
ActiveX Control problems
Windows Startup errors
Windows Explorer errors
Windows Media player errors
svchost.exe & other exe errors
Windows Operating System problems
Registry errors
DLL errors
Runtime errors
IExplore and System32 Errors
System crashes
Slow PC Performance
Chkdsk issues
Computer freezing
Internet Explorer errors
Javascript errors
Dr Watson errors
Hardware malfunction
Blue Screen
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues
Driver errors
Corrupt registry files
Task Manager related
Computer and application shutdown
Cleans registry
Prevent application crashes
Load windows faster
Run applications smoothly
Maintain your PC like new
Increase system speed
Regain disk space
Protect your privacy
Easy to use, save time and money
Unlimited free technical support
Prevent PC from freezing or crashing
Eliminate computer repair bills
  High-performance scan
Junk files cleaner
Duplicate file cleaner
Evidence cleaner
System optimizer
IE restore
Browser HOM Manager
Automatic/manual removal
Back-up registry
Restore point
Block ActiveX
Error utilities
Register ActiveX
Program shortcuts
Checks invalid User Software Settings
Checks invalid System Software Settings
Checks invalid Application Paths
Checks recently used files
Checks invalid class keys
Checks invalid ActiveX, OLE, COM
Checks uninstall sections
Checks invalid fonts
Checks invalid shared known DLLs
Checks invalid startup programs
Checks invalid shortcuts
Checks invalid file associations
Checks invalid Start Menu items
Checks recently used files
Deletes empty registry keys
Checks system service
Organizes Windows startup items
Add/remove Program Manager
Auto updates
Fixes errors and invalid entries
Increase productivity
Eliminate frustration and headaches
Avoid computer geek service calls
Optimizes your PC for better performance